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Chaplains Help First Responders Cope with Day-Day Job Stresses

Being a First Responder is an incredibly challenging role.   First Responders commonly experience burnout, unhealthy coping methods, and sometimes even self-harm. As a society, we need healthy First Responders to maintain the safety of our communities. Public Safety Chaplains partner with First Responder agencies to improve the emotional and spiritual health of their front-line employees. Our Chaplains have a specific calling to support First Responders and manage community crisis situations.

How Public Safety Chaplains provide support

First Responders

  • Ministry of Presence - Listening, Mentoring, Friendship

  • Emotional support in crisis and challenging circumstances

  • Weddings, funerals, Bible studies

Local Community

  • Notifications and support during tragedies and disasters

  • Short-term relief through Community Assistance Fund

  • Follow-up and referral to other resources


1500 NW 167th Place Beaverton, OR 97006

Phone: 503-614-1513

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