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Public Safety Chaplaincy History

Chaplains Offer the Hand of God’s Grace

Being a First Responder is an incredibly challenging role.  Watch this NBC video to get a better view into the stressful world of First Responders.  


NBC New York



Public Safety Chaplains are focused on assisting both the First Responders and the local community.

How Public Safety Chaplains provide support

  • Ministry of Presence - Listening, Mentoring, Friendship

  • Emotional support in crisis and challenging circumstances

  • Weddings, funerals, Bible studies

Holding Hands

Local Community

  • Notifications and support during tragedies and disasters

  • Short term relief through Community Assistance Fund

  • Follow-up and referral to other resources

First RespondeR

History of Public Safety Chaplaincy

  • 1981 - Chaplaincy program created with the Beaverton Police Department

  • 1984 – More agencies added, and name changed to Officer Alive!

  • 2001 – Expansion continues and name changed to Metro Police Chaplaincy

  • 2006 – Added Fire, Dispatch and EMS and expanded outside of Portland.  Name becomes Public Safety Chaplaincy

  • Today – Public Safety Chaplaincy, Inc represents over 40 chaplains across more than 40 agencies


1500 NW 167th Place Beaverton, OR 97006

Phone: 503-614-1513

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