PSC Impact in the Community

Public Safety Chaplaincy's Community Assistance fund has been used to support a number of families in the local community.  Below are only a few of the many stories about the impact PSC has had in the Northwest Oregon area.

Industrial Accident


Most of the employees had been sent home for the day following the industrial accidental death of a beloved co-worker.  Just a handful of supervisors and office personnel remained along with those employees who were directly involved in discovering and trying to save their co-worker's life.   


About 10 people altogether were waiting to be interviewed by the Deputy Medical Examiner.  Lunchtime had come and gone and we were all going to be here a while longer.  Dairy Queen was the closest fast food around, so I made a burger run.  One Visa gift card was just about enough to purchase 10 burgers for these good people. 


They thanked me numerous times for thinking of their physical needs at such a tragic moment.  


Wilson Parrish

Chaplain Sherwood, TVF&R, WCCCA, King City

Special Christmas


Thanks again for the gift cards.  They were used for a family that is near and dear to my heart.  The single mom is raising 6 kids (one is a grand child and one is her nephew).  Her work recently shut down due to Covid-19 and she couldn’t get any presents for her children. 

Once again, these funds allow me to continue to build relationships with the community we serve. It’s a simple gesture for me but after receiving 10 thank you text messages it was obvious it really helped make this family's Christmas special. 

Thanks again !

Oregon City Police

Her husband committed suicide

A frantic 911 call one evening brought me into this family’s lives.  The following morning officers located the deceased off the side of a woodland trail near their home.  He had seen his business disappear because of Covid impacts.  Wife and teenage daughter were in shock; wondering how this could have happened.  I spent hours with them, sorting out funeral arrangements and other time sensitive matters.  I drove home with a heavy heart and then realized PSC had given me a tool I didn’t use.  I returned and shared a gift card that would take care of meals that evening and possibly the next day.  It is a tremendous blessing to have the ability to serve others in a practical way during crisis times.

Chaplain Alex Cross

Medical Supplies

Over the weekend we had an instance to use one of the chaplain assistance cards. The department encountered a woman that was having a hard time coming to terms with some events. She also had medical issues with her feet causing her great pain in walking. The medical issues were of a type that could be helped with OTC supplies, but she was unable to afford them and did not want to be transported.


The department put her up in a hotel, and using the assistance cards, provided her with food and the medical supplies needed to help alleviate the issues with her feet. 

Milwaukie Police Department

Criminal Mischief


Tonight I was dispatched to a criminal mischief.  Someone had smashed out the window of a vehicle belonging to a young lady.  This young lady has no job due to COVID and has been living in her vehicle.  She has state assistance, but we all know that isn’t enough to help.  The window is going to be expensive to fix, but she needs to have it fixed for security.  I gave her one of the $50 gift cards to assist.  She was extremely thankful and shed some tears.


Tell the secret donor thank you for me.

Clackamas County Sheriff Office

Late Night Domestic Rescue

My partner and I responded to a domestic call around 22:00 hours.


We helped a mother and her 9-year-old daughter, and their sweet dog, with finding alternative lodging for the night to get them away from an unsafe and abusive situation.


Both ladies were extremely grateful for the lodging and gift cards.

Clackamas County Sheriff Dept

Safety and Christmas

I just wanted to pass on a couple uses of the Fred Meyer gift cards that were donated.  


I used one $25 gift card to purchase and install a new doorknob and deadbolt for a victim of a domestic violence/strangulation.  She was really worried because the suspect had a key to her house and her landlord wouldn't pay to have the locks changed.  Also, I gave her a $25 gift card to help purchase food for Thanksgiving dinner.  She was very appreciative.  


I used another $25 gift card to put together a little gift bag for the wife of the gentleman we met on your ride along. She has the terminal cancer.  I just got her some Christmas things such as a cozy blanket and candle.


Oregon City Police