PSC Impact in the Community

Public Safety Chaplaincy's Community Assistance fund has been used to support a number of families in the local community.  Below are only a few of the many stories about the impact PSC has had in the Northwest Oregon area.

A Smile Through Their Grief


I responded to a suicide call where husband and father took his life in the family home. He left his wife and teenage children in grief and shock.


At one point in the five hours I spent with the family, I shared a few McDonalds gift cards with the teenagers. It brought a momentary smile in the midst of overwhelming grief.


Chaplain Alex Cross

West Linn Police Department

Basic Necessities


This week I gave one of the Visa cards to our School Resource Officer to share with a distressed high school student.


She is living in a very stress filled home and is neglected by her parents.  She shared with a teacher that there was no provision for basic needs, including female hygiene products.


The gift is in the hands of the teacher who will be assisting the student on an ongoing basis.  The teacher was pleased that PSC was there to help.  I was happy that the SRO remembered my offer on behalf of PSC to provide assistance to someone in need.


Thank you for making this possible.



No Food in the House

Officers were dispatched to a verbal argument between a husband and wife.  It seems the wife suffers with a condition which causes seizures and is unable to work.  The husband makes a minimal wage while caring for the wife.  They are waiting for delayed Federal SSDI payments to begin, but have not seen one yet.


Because of the financial challenges, they have to make choices between expenses such as rent, insurance, medicine, food, etc. During the call, the officer verified there was almost no food in the house.  One of the assistance cards was provided to them and additional follow-up will occur.

Milwaukie Police Department

  A Bright Spot In Their Day


At lunchtime on Wednesday I was contacted by a West Linn Police Officer.  He had been in touch with a family of five who had been evicted from their apartment, seemingly so that the owner could dramatically increase the rent on their unit.

For the last 5 weeks the family have been searching unsuccessfully for an apartment in the West Linn, Milwaukie, Gladstone or Oregon City for two adults, two young sons and a teenage daughter.  Their furniture and possessions are in storage while they live in a tiny converted hotel room in Gresham in miserable conditions.

I visited with them and shared some Community Assistance cards ($50 Visa and 2-$25 Fred Meyer).  It was very encouraging to them. I am praying that they find a suitable apartment soon.

Thank you to donors who make the gift cards possible.


Alex Cross, Chaplain

West Linn Police Department



Baby Formula Needed


I used a Visa card and a McDonalds card today.  It was for a family that I have worked with over the last three years.  Life has thrown a lot of hurdles at them but so far the girls are on track to graduate.  The mom is taking care of her daughter who is 16 and pregnant.  The mom is also taking care of another teenage girl who's parents are addicted to drugs and are homeless.


Both girls have been attending school for the most part.  Due to the pregnancy, the daughter has switched to online schooling.  I stopped by the house today and she was super excited to get the Visa card. Her daughter said she is going to buy some formula since her baby girl is due on December 12th.


Thanks again, you are awesome.


Clackamas County Sheriff Department