PSC Impact in the Community

Public Safety Chaplaincy's Community Assistance fund has been used to support a number of families in the local community.  Below are only a few of the many stories about the impact PSC has had in the Northwest Oregon area.

WES Station Rescue


Tonight I found a couple sitting at the WES Station at 10 PM.  No buses or trains run that late and nothing else will come until morning.  Speaking to them I found out that they are from Grants Pass heading to Missouri, but their son got a DUII which got their car got towed and they were not happy about that.  They were stuck without much money to get a hotel room.  I used two of the $50 cards to get them a room at Motel 6 for the night.  It really made them happy and relieved not to spend the night in a bus stop.


Thank you for the cards, we are putting them to good use.

Clackamas County Sheriff Department

Worst Week of His Life

I was dispatched with another deputy to a suspicious person allegedly yelling profanities and pacing back and forth for several hours prior to the call. We arrived and found the guy, who we quickly learned was having the worst week of his life.   He’d been living on the street for the last two days with no money or shelter and had nowhere to go, with all his possessions in two backpacks he was carrying around. 

I could tell this was someone who was genuinely just down on their luck and needing some help. He asked me “What am I supposed to do? I don’t even have money for food.” I asked him where he would eat if he had money, and he told me McDonalds. We drove him to a nearby McDonalds where I used the gift card you gave me to buy him a big dinner and a coffee. The guy’s attitude and demeanor did a 180. He told us he’d had several negative interactions with law enforcement but that this completely changed his opinion of cops, and that he would never forget it.  He also mentioned he felt like usually people didn’t take the time to actually listen to him, and that he wasn’t stupid, just different. After his meal, we showed him the way to a nearby shelter in Oregon City so he could stay warm for the night.  

Thanks for the Visa card. It’s always nice to be able to pick someone up when they’ve fallen and get them back on track.

Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office

Hungry Family

Yesterday, two officers encountered a family VERY low on groceries due to job suspensions. They called me and we were able to provide two Fred Meyer gift cards to help sustain them until unemployment benefits kick in.   Thank you for your assistance.

Sherwood Police Department Peer Support Team


Car Seat for a Newborn


I received a call from a deputy who was on a traffic stop with a woman who had a one-week old baby and a broken car seat. I used $200 and bought a car seat and diapers for the lady and her baby.  It was a unique way to see deputies care for a family who could not afford a proper car seat.  They went out of their way to help this lady and her family and get her back on her way. Click here to see the local news coverage.


Clackamas County Sheriff Department

Shoes Needed for Job

"While I was on patrol, I noticed a female sleeping in her car.  I’ve seen her car many times at night at the YMCA and know she is a Sherwood resident but doesn’t have a home right now.  I gave her a $50 Visa gift card because she said she needed new shoes for her job and a $25 Fred Meyer card to help buy food. She teared up and I could tell it was hard for her to ask for help. I am very appreciative of these funds to help those in need and it makes my day to be able to do this."

Sherwood Police Department

Family Welfare Check

In November I responded to the request for a welfare check of an adult female and at least one child.  I found a family with two small children using the field behind a church allowing the kids to play. The family was homeless and in the process of looking for housing.  The church was looking into additional resources beside some of the resources that I suggested.  The family was very appreciative of the two Fred Meyer gift cards I was able to give them. 

Salem Police Department

Domestic Violence Victims

I gave out a $25 Fred Meyer gift card to mother and son who just got out of a domestic violence situation. They were both so happy and grateful!

Salem Police Department

Warm Bed for the Holiday

In December a long-standing homeless woman who I am slowly gaining trust with came in to visit me over an incident she reported to another officer earlier in the week. Through my contacts with her, I know she runs out of money before the end of the month.  In the past she has never allowed me to help financially.  However, I was able to convince her to let me assist her over the holiday and arranged for 2 nights stay at the Extended Stay Portland.  I was able to get her 2 nights for $126, which included breakfast. She also agreed to let me take her to the Social Security office today to check on benefits. It gave her a warm, dry place to stay over the holiday and helped me sleep better knowing so. Thank you to the Chaplain program and all that your organization does for us!

Lake Oswego Police Department