PSC Impact in the Community

Public Safety Chaplaincy's Community Assistance fund has been used to support a number of families in the local community.  Below are only a few of the many stories about the impact PSC has had in the Northwest Oregon area.

Struggling Families

We supported a family that we have known for several years.  This family is struggling with homelessness (they are couch surfing at the moment), alcohol abuse, chronic stress and heavy trauma, and mental health issues.  The family has three boys who aren't doing well.

The dad is in the picture and just got new job which hopefully will last a while.  This family is near and dear to our hearts so thank you for giving me the opportunity to help them.      

Oregon City Police Department

Food for the Hungry

Tonight we were able to help a person in need who had been staying at the Budget Inn on vouchers for the last few days but did not have any food.  We provided a Fred Meyer gift card and she was ecstatic.


Thank you,

Gladstone Police Department

Supporting a Child in Need

When the young mother flagged down the officer with whom I was riding this past week, it quickly became my task to distract her grade-school-aged son, and show him around the patrol car, etc.  He was riding a nice little bike.  A bike helmet, we would soon learn, was simply not in the budget.  


The mother and her son were clean, well-dressed; if she hadn't reached out, we never would have guessed they have recently found themselves homeless.  Rent just got too steep; she ran out of options. Two of her young daughters are staying temporarily with her mom, the third daughter (her fourth child) is with her sister, where the mother goes every morning to take a quick shower.  

We were near the PD, so asked them to walk over and meet us there.  By the time we parted ways about an hour later, the mother had welcomed the opportunity for me to pray with her.  I had placed a call to Five Rock Ranch and they called her back later in the day with long-term options for helping her get back on her feet.  Based on my interactions with her, I made the suggestion that she look into applying at Washington County 911.  

Those long-term options Five Rock Ranch had in mind would take about 24 hours to set up.  So I gave her $10.00 for her and her son to get some lunch, a Fred Meyer gift card for some groceries, and enough in Visa gift cards to get them into a hotel for the night.  Oh, and a tour of the PD for a delighted little boy, along with a "really cool" bike helmet from the Sallyport that fit him perfectly.   

Chaplain Wilson Parrish

Hungry and Sad

I gave community assistance cards to a family that lost a loved one in an accident and had no food in their house.  An officer and their family were going to purchase and make meals for this family also - it was truly a story of going the extra mile for a person in their community in order to encourage them and love them like Christ.

Chaplain Mike Vermace


Family on the Streets

Gave two cards to a family of 6 (and dog) living out of vehicle trying to get housing.  They own a business but failed to get paid for a job so ended up getting evicted.  Are struggling to find housing and having other issues as well.


Salem Police Department

Displaced by a Fire

I gave out the Fred Meyers gift card you gave me to a family in need. 

I responded to an apartment fire in September. The family who lived above where the fire started had to be displaced due to the damage. They had 3 adults and 1 child  living in the apartment. There were no injuries to anyone involved. The Red Cross responded and placed them in temporary housing. I gave them the gift card for groceries and fuel for their move. The family was very grateful for the help. 

Thanks for what you do,

Salem Police Department

New Shoes

During our annual summer camp there was kid who was wearing shoes that were just falling apart.  When an Officer  asked him about his shoes, he told him it was the only pair he had.  During lunch the Officer used  two Fred Meyer gift cards and he let the young man pick out a new pair of shoes. 

Thank you so much for giving us these cards.  It means a lot to the families we are able to help.

Oregon City Police Department

Help for the Medically Challenged

An individual is currently trying to find housing and on a waiting list.

They are also looking for work. They suffer from PTSD and have some other medical conditions.

They needed a place to stay and get cleaned up so they can apply some

medications to a spot they had surgery on, and for a problem with their feet.

The room was $59.  I used one of the gift cards and covered the other $9 out of my pocket.


Molalla  Police Department

New Bicycle for an Oregon City Boy

An excerpt from a recent Koin 6 broadcast. "" An Oregon City 7th-grader is recovering after his bicycle helmet saved his life when he was hit by a driver police said was using her cell phone. The Oregon City police were so impressed with his resilience they got together to put a smile on his face ? and a new bike. Their original plan was just to fix his bike. however, they realized the bike was beyond repair. Instead the Oregon City police showed up at his home with a big surprise ? a new bike, a new helmet, lights for the bike and a pump. The bike was paid for through the Public Safety Chaplains Community Assistance Fund, which gets its money in anonymous donations from the community. "  Check out the entire story at


Oregon City  Police Department

Clothing for Immigrant Children

I got a welfare check call on a young woman with a small child near the Wal Mart entrance for several hours by the stop sign. I met this delightful young woman and her adorable happy 18 mo. old daughter in a stroller. The mother told me that she came to the U.S. with her husband  from Romania just a couple of years ago. They have been staying at the Motel 6 and were paid up until today. She was flying a sign for her family (3 kids total) to help pay for the motel. 

She assured me she would be fine and said she also worked cleaning for money . Anyway, I gave her the $25 dollar gift card. She was very appreciative and said she would buy some clothes for her kids. Thanks to whoever donated those for me please.


Salem Police Department

Helping a Family in Need

This evening  I was dispatched on a “Welfare Check” concerning an adult female “Panhandling” with young children, and the reporting person was concerned about the heat levels (91 degrees at that time).  Upon contact, the children (Ages 5 and 2) were allright, at which time I inquired as to the mother’s current situation.  I learned she had just left an abusive relationship (One week prior) which had already been reported to law enforcement.   Unfortunately, due to leaving the abusive relationship they lost their apartment, and she is now homeless.  For the past week she has been living in her vehicle, and on occasion has been able to stay a night with a friend.  She was currently trying to raise money through “Panhandling” to stay at a campground in Independence, because the camp sites were only $13.50 a night.  I was also informed she was getting low on diapers.  Obviously, this situation tugged at my heart strings as I believed what she was telling me.  Thankfully I recalled you telling us about the “Gift Card” program.  We provided her  VISA card Fred Meyer Cards to help with her current situation.  I would like to thank you  for making this available to law enforcement and in turn help those in need within our community.  


Sherwood Police Department