PSC Impact in the Community

Public Safety Chaplaincy's Community Assistance fund has been used to support a number of families in the local community.  Below are only a few of the many stories about the impact PSC has had in the Northwest Oregon area.

A Simple Pair of Shoes


One August day we contacted a younger male transient who said someone had stolen his shoes.  The male reported having a drug addiction problem and stated he wanted help. 


Throughout our conversation, the male seemed to be genuine in wanting help for his addiction. When I asked him if the Police could help in anyway, he broke down in tears and asked for a pair of shoes.  We were near a shoe store, and we bought him a nice pair of work shoes worth $49.99 using the VISA card you issued me.  


Thank you.  


Salem Police Department

Vehicle Hits Building


On Monday the 12th at about 11:30 pm I assisted on a Chaplain page by the Hillsboro Fire Department. It turned out a truck had crashed into another vehicle which hit the side of a apartment complex and compromised the building structure, leaving two families out on the street for a few days.


I was able to connect both families with the Red Cross for assistance. But, one of the families was not able to download load the apps they needed to receive the funds from Red Cross, and we were told to call back the next day for further assistance. This left them on the street with a couple of kids and no place to sleep for the night.  So, I decided to give  them a couple of $50 visa cards for a hotel room; it was late and kids were tired and afraid.


Thanks for the people and organizations that make donations so we can help others in distress and unfortunate circumstances.


Jorge Diaz

Chaplain Hillsboro Police & Fire

Industrial Accident


Most of the employees had been sent home for the day following the industrial accidental death of a beloved co-worker.  Just a handful of supervisors and office personnel remained along with those employees who were directly involved in discovering and trying to save their co-worker's life.   


About 10 people altogether were waiting to be interviewed by the Deputy Medical Examiner.  Lunchtime had come and gone and we were all going to be here a while longer.  Dairy Queen was the closest fast food around, so I made a burger run.  One Visa gift card was just about enough to purchase 10 burgers for these good people. 


They thanked me numerous times for thinking of their physical needs at such a tragic moment.  


Wilson Parrish

Chaplain Sherwood, TVF&R, WCCCA, King City

 A Flag


I responded to a cardiac arrest to meet the spouse on her front porch.  As the rescue crews worked at reviving her husband we waited.  In the course of this the lady looked up at a flag she had flying on their deck and noticed how tattered it was.  A small thought popped into my head that maybe I could do something about that. 

The attempts to revive her husband were unsuccessful and I moved into a support role until the funeral home arrived.  For some reason the funeral home had a long response time, which allowed me to hear this lady share her life story.  One of the things she shared was how her and her husband were members of the Lions club and one of the things the Lions club provide in Forest Grove was the putting out of flags during all national holidays. 

Again, the thought popped up that she shouldn’t have a tattered flag.  So the next morning very early I went to Fred Meyers bought a new flag set and replaced her worn one.  She never knew I was there, though I received a very beautiful text message as she figured out it was most likely me. 

Joel Peterson, Master Chaplain

Cornelius Fire & Police Department
Gaston Fire District

Midnight House Fire

The family woke up shortly before midnight to the sound of dishes crashing to the floor.  They had fire alarms but did not hear them. Instead, they heard the loud crash when the kitchen cabinets burned up and would no longer hold their contents.  They thank God for the loud noise because it woke them up and they all got out alive with the exception of their beloved Labrador Retriever. Mom, Dad, their three kids, an uncle, and two young cousins who were spending the night were all in pajamas and robes with no shoes.  It was supposed to be a birthday weekend for 2 of the children.

The family has homeowner’s insurance to assist in the long run, but the insurance company basically shooed them away saying they'd have to talk with somebody on Monday as it was early on a Saturday morning. 


I provided them two gift cards and helped them with some other resources while providing emotional and spiritual first aid.  These gift cards from Public Safety Chaplaincy allowed them to renew prescriptions that were burned up as well as provide some clothing and footwear.  I don't think they would have gotten their prescriptions renewed however, had it not been for the gracious generosity of donors to Public Safety Chaplaincy. 


Thank you very much for your assistance to this family of six with children ranging from elementary to high school.

Kenton Johnson

Clackamas Fire Chaplain