PSC Impact in the Community

Public Safety Chaplaincy's Community Assistance fund has been used to support a number of families in the local community.  Below are only a few of the many stories about the impact PSC has had in the Northwest Oregon area.

Her husband committed suicide

A frantic 911 call one evening brought me into this family’s lives.  The following morning officers located the deceased off the side of a woodland trail near their home.  He had seen his business disappear because of Covid impacts.  Wife and teenage daughter were in shock; wondering how this could have happened.  I spent hours with them, sorting out funeral arrangements and other time sensitive matters.  I drove home with a heavy heart and then realized PSC had given me a tool I didn’t use.  I returned and shared a gift card that would take care of meals that evening and possibly the next day.  It is a tremendous blessing to have the ability to serve others in a practical way during crisis times.

Chaplain Alex Cross

Alameda Fire


While deployed to the Alameda Fire, I was driving through one of the burned out low income trailer parks and I encountered a mother with two small children.  They had been forced to live in a tent next to their burned down  home as they had also lost their only vehicle.  Through my conversation I was able to find out that the children were both under five years old, the father was not in the picture and the mother's job had temporarily closed due to the fires.  Using the PSC Community Assistance Fund cards, I was able to go to one of the open stores and purchase a couple pairs of shoes and a meal for both the kids and their mom.  I was also able to purchase the mother a cellphone and one month of cell service so that she could stay in contact with her family and continue to look for services and housing. In addition, I was able to arrange for transportation from their burned down and toxic environment to the Expo Center where they were able to have temporary housing and shelter until they were able to get back on their feet. 


Chaplain Tanner Ellis

WES Station Rescue


Tonight I found a couple sitting at the WES Station at 10 PM.  No buses or trains run that late and nothing else will come until morning.  Speaking to them I found out that they are from Grants Pass heading to Missouri, but their son got a DUII which got their car got towed and they were not happy about that.  They were stuck without much money to get a hotel room.  I used two of the $50 cards to get them a room at Motel 6 for the night.  It really made them happy and relieved not to spend the night in a bus stop.


Thank you for the cards, we are putting them to good use.

Clackamas County Sheriff Department

Single Mom – two boys

This young woman has been struggling to provide a home, meals and clothing for her two boys.  Former husband is a drug dealer and a seriously dangerous person.  Balancing the needs of child care and work has been a struggle, but she keeps working at it.  She has moved to a rural community where cost of living is lower, but even the move set her back financially.  I shared a $50 Visa card and a $40 Fred Meyer card with her as we bid farewell recently.  She was deeply appreciative; the gift made a difference and renewed her faith in the future.

Chaplain Alex Cross

A Weekend Rescue


I received a call from one of my Fire Captains; she was dealing with a lady that was a victim of domestic violence. The gentleman was under arrest but had made some very disturbing threats so she wanted to be somewhere else. This was a Sunday and the victim shelter was not taking anyone else until Monday.  We decided to split the cost of lodging for her and her dog. 

It was a wonderful gift to be able to use the PSC Community Assistance Funds in this situation. 


Chaplain Joel Peterson

Everything is Gone

Early in the morning Nick and I were called to a fully involved house fire in Mollala which was unrelated to the wildfires but in a just

re-opened evacuation zone. The occupants had to flee their home with limited clothing on!

They were sitting in their RV, he in his underwear and she in a large

T-shirt.  The house was destroyed, with ALL the items they just returned with from their evacuation and their 2 cats.  I gave them

Fred Meyer and Visa gift cards so that they could get clothes for the next couple of days.


Chaplain Liz Williams

Car Seat for a Newborn


I received a call from a deputy who was on a traffic stop with a woman who had a one-week old baby and a broken car seat. I used $200 and bought a car seat and diapers for the lady and her baby.  It was a unique way to see deputies care for a family who could not afford a proper car seat.  They went out of their way to help this lady and her family and get her back on her way. Click here to see the local news coverage.


Clackamas County Sheriff Department