The Public Safety Community Assistance Fund provides funding to individuals and families in need through your generous directed donations.  Established in 2016 in partnership with local Police and Fire Departments, our Chaplains and Officers within their areas of ministry can provide immediate monetary assistance “in the field” whenever an emergency need is recognized.  Your donation helps the victim of domestic violence who is in need of local shelter, or a family who cannot afford to purchase necessities for a child – all donations go to directly to those who need it most.

Local Police and Fire Departments rely upon our Community Assistance Fund to meet community needs through the distribution of prepaid Visa and Fred Meyer Department Store gift cards.  The program provides a simple avenue for officers in the field to provide immediate help.  The purpose of this program is to provide a bridge between officers and chaplains with the communities they serve.  All donations to this program go directly back to our local communities to positively impact the lives of those who need it most.



Stuck by Circumstances

I received a call today from Sheriff Roberts who was working with a family of 5 originally from Italy (this year they moved to my understanding) now living in California.  The family came to Oregon for a funeral and got “stuck” by circumstances here in Clackamas.

Sheriff Roberts was able to get them a hotel for the night and we gave them a $100 VISA for gas and a Fred Meyer card for food for the drive home and day.

Thank You,

Chaplain Mike Vermace


Shining God’s Hope in a Time of Despair

Yesterday we had a fatal house fire. The homeowners (husband and wife), were safe outside the burning structure, but the wife re-entered the house to try to save her cat.  She died in the fire.  The surviving husband had to be physically restrained to prevent him from becoming a victim also. When I got to him he wanted nothing to do with me, most likely because I was associated with the firefighters that kept from going back in the house.

Eventually he accepted a quilt to cover up, as he only had on a t-shirt and shorts. While the Red Cross was assisting him, I ran to Fred Meyer and got him some shoes and pants. Fred Meyer gave us additional discounts for the purchase which allowed me to keep it on one Community Fund Gift Card. I took him to one of his church leader’s home where they scooped him up and provided loving support. I ended my time with him in a time of prayer, of which now he was very receptive.

All this to say how thankful I am that we can provide this ministry.

Chaplain Joel Peterson


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