Holiday Season

Undoubtedly December brings the happiest of days, especially if you are a child or Christian. Gifts, parties, Christmas lights and tree all rolled into a month long celebration of food and family.

The problem with being an agency personnel or Chaplain is that the bad stuff keeps happening everyday dampening our enthusiasm and joy for the season. People still get in traffic accidents, house fires still burn brightly and loved one’s unfortunately die.

These truths have come home to our family at PSC as Chaplain Joel Peterson recently lost his Father-in-Law and Chaplain Chuck Bowman his daughter Leana. None of us will live forever but death calls us home in this time of celebration, it just seems to hit home harder.

We grieve for our Chaplain’s loss but know someday they will be re-united in Heaven with our savior. God gives us enough grace to sustain thru this pain and we pray that you and yours will be safe and sound thru-out the holiday season.

God bless you and hold you close as we celebrate the birth of our Lord; Jesus Christ.