Myrtle Beach Roadtrip

MB7I just MB1traveled back to see family in beautiful Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Stopped by the airport Fire and Air Rescue department and got the first class treatment from my nephew; Ethan Echternach and the crew there. Unbelievable equipment and trucks including the Snozzler pictured, that can pierce the airplane skin and shoot in foam and fire suppressant. These fire trucks are not your everyday vehicles, loaded with video screens and warning lights and sounds. The folks in South Carolina are well protected!


PSC Executive Chaplain Honored by 911 Dispatch Organization for Oregon

The state 911 Dispatcher’s Organization and the Emergency Dispatch Center Organization (APCO-NENA) get together annually for a training conference.  They also hand out a select few awards.

Steve Brodehl was selected to receive the State of Oregon’s “Partnership Award” last night.  This award is given to the person believed to have employed the greatest level of support and partnership to/with the 911 dispatchers across the State over the past yearWCCCA Brodehl Award

Local Media discovers the value of local Chaplaincy

Local ABC affiliate KATU in Portland, Oregon did a great piece recently about the benefits of chaplains in the local Police department. Our PSC chaplain to the Beaverton Police department; Paul Olds was the featured chaplain in this video. Paul has served the Beaverton Police department for over 10 years and has earned the respect of his officers and the Police Chief he serves under.



2012 Hillsboro Airshow Grant

Once again, the chaplains at PSC responded to the challenge and worked hard marshaling cars, working handicapped parking and keeping little kids safe in the boucey house! Their efforts were rewraded recently with the award of $1,000, received gratefully by our board chairman; Mark Johnson.

Hillsboro airshow 2012 grant acceptance

Hillsboro airshow 2012 grant acceptance

Exceptional service Award

At the recent ICPC regional conference, our own Chuck Bowman received one of 5 awards for Exceptional service as a chaplain this past year.

Chuck serves a variety of Police and Fire departments in Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Oregon City and West Linn.

As you can imagine, Chuck does not seek honors or glory beyond the love of his father in Heaven. BUT, we think it is great that those in the state of Oregon have recognized him with this significant award.

Congratulations Chuck!

Job well done!

Clackamas Mall Shootings

This past week we all saw and heard the images and voices from Clackamas Town Center mall. A lone gunman, stealing weapons from his home, ran into Macy’s into the mall near the crowded food court and opened fire with an assault weapon on innocent bystanders. Killing 2, wounding another and thankfully jamming his weapon, ran on further and ultimately killed himself.

The question we all ask ourselves is “Why”? What could have caused Jacob Tyler Roberts to feel like he needed to do this terrible act? The answer is disappointing but easy; we will never know.

What we do know is the response by 911 operators, multiple local, county, state and federal police agencies and several local fire departments that had triage and incident response tents within 15 minutes of the first calls.

Many Public Safety Chaplains responded to their departmental calls that day and have been busy debriefing and meeting with their specific agency staff in the days since.

Picture of candlelight vigils both at Clackamas, Washington county malls and several towns and cities across the state were seen in the days since then.

All of our chaplains have been overwhelmed by the response from their respective staff, officers and Fireman; prayer for those who lost a loved one, fear for their families future safety and healthy questions about their spiritual life and worth before God.

The greatest joy for these chaplains is to be able to answer that question and how God is still active, alive and well and cares for us more then we do. Especially in this season of giving and family gatherings around the dinner table, it goes without saying that we feel a renewed sense of belonging and caring for others.

Imagine how God feels each and everyday, looking toward his creation and hoping and praying for each one of us as his children.

Would that we could feel and pass along these same emotions to our family and friends everyday!

God bless you this day, week and year-end as we look toward celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ!

Clackamas town center candle light vigil

Fallen FireFighter Memorial Ceremony

Chaplain Brodehl in Salem, Oregon

Every year the State of Oregon recognizes and acknowledges those Fireman that have died in the line of duty. This years ceremony took place September 20th at the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training in Salem, Oregon.

Our Executive Chaplain;  Steve Brodehl was asked to share and give the Invocation.

We all recognize those men and women that have given the ultimate sacrifice in laying down their life for others, whether on the battlefield abroad or

1st Responder Appreciation Dinner

Southwest Bible church held their annual 1st Responder appreciation event and Public Safety Chaplaincy was well represented. Our excecutive chaplan Steve Brodehl was joined by fellow Portland westside chaplains;  Dexter Danielson (Forest Grove Police & Fire), Paul Olds (Beaverton PD), Joel Peterson (Cornelius Fire). 100’s of people attended the event and we had a chance to meet and greet lots of folks and tell our organization’s story.

Public Safety Chaplaincy services over 15 different public agencies in the Portland metropolitan area and the Oregon Coast covering 1,000’s of Police, Fire and emergency service agencies.

Chaplains, Pastors and servants

PSC chaplains perform a variety of functions on a given day within their public agencies. Death notifications are probably their least favorite job but may also include ride alongs, wedding or funeral services, training activities and just conversing with their guys at the station over a cup of coffee.

Last week a couple of our chaplains were busy after hours working away as well. Pastoring a church means delivering a message on a weekly basis and if you are any good that usually takes time and planning. Double teaming their efforts, chaplains Brodehl and Parrish got the chance to preach in Sherwood this past week.

Chaplain Steve Brodehl serves with the Hillsboro Fire department and had the chance to “carry the boot” this past week in the fire departments efforts to support Jerry’s kids and the drive against Muscular Dystrophy.

Each and every week these stories are duplicated by are other 9 chaplains at Public Safety Chaplaincy as well, as they reach out into their community and do whatever is asked. Faithful men who serve, many without a pay check, for God’s glory!

Being a Chaplain is Hard Some Days

PSC chaplains perform a variety of tasks thru-out an average week. Stopping by their respective agencies and speaking with the Officers and Fireman is the easy and fun part of the job. Performing weddings, serving death notices and responding to crisis situations can add a little more stress to their life.

BUT some days, are just plain difficult as the situation you are called to is impossible to understand or even comprehend the reasons why. This past week our Gresham Police Chaplain; Bob Dorsey had one of those weeks.

On July 4 in Dundee, a triple murder and suicide took place. The killer was the estranged husband and father of two kids, ages 11 and 13. The wife was a sister of a Gresham Police  officer. The officer has been on the Gresham Police staff for over 9 years and is well connected with Bob. As you can appreciate this is a complicated and very tragic situation for the entire family. None of us can even imagine the pain and suffering that comes along with hearing that your immediate family has been murdered, much less by a family member. How this officer can process his grief effectively will most certainly impact his performance in the future. Needless to say, Bob will be emotionally and personally invested in his life for weeks and months to come, walking him through God’s love for all. Bob will also officiate the funeral for the three victims on Saturday the 14th at George Fox University.

Senseless acts of violence are impossible to understand and often leave a residue of pain and grief that can last a lifetime. It is in situations like these that we are thankful that we have a trained and caring chaplain to work with the public agency staff and their families.

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