Seaside Officer memorial service

PSC Chaplain Jerry Gaidos officiated the memorial service for slain Seaside Police officer Jason Goodding this past week. An unfortunate but necessary part of our chaplain’s job description that they hope and pray they will never have to do.

Chaplain Awards

kentonawardOur chaplains do not volunteer thousands  of hours per month across the Portland tri-county area with their agencies for any recognition. Knowing they are serving the men and women of the local fire, police and emergency call centers with love and care and maybe receiving a smile at the end of a long day or night shift is reward enough.

kentonaward1BUT, every once in a while, one of our own does receive a public acknowledgement, as did our Clackamas Fire chaplain; Kenton Johnson last night Well done Kenton, glad the men and women of Clackamas county know your true heart; as a servant.

The life of a Chaplain during the holidays

There I was, enjoying Christmas day with my family and suddenly a text message beamed in from our 911 Dispatch center.  A suicide has occurred and the Chaplain is being requested to come to the scene.   A quick hug on the grandson and out the door I shot.  Then My phone rang; a dying man is asking to speak to this Chaplain…  A message arrives on my phone the following day, “Chaplain, come to a particular address; there has been a stabbing and the scene is chaos; we could sure use you”.  The next text message reads, “Chaplain requested to a Cardiac Arrest scene”.

When these things happen, it is no surprise to watch me pick up my phone as I go and call you…”I’m headed to a tough scene, could you remember me in prayer real quickly?”

Although you hear me routinely say how important your support and prayer is to me, please know that you make the difference between a lone Chaplain working a scene, and that same Chaplain responding in the grace and peace of God.  You are an amazing group and I appreciate all you are and what you do!!

And….It’s time to head off for more self taught Steelhead fishing lessons whenever I can snag a spare moment.

It’s a great way to refresh ones heart and mind!! (But wear plenty of warm clothes!!! J)

Thank you once again for your unwavering encouragement, prayer and support toward all we are seeing done through the Chaplain outreach you are involved in.

In His service,

Steve Brodehl

Master Chaplain

Shop with a Cop

It is the holiday season and many police agencies sponsor a fun event; Shop with a Cop. Great link and interaction with the needy community at large that emphasizes the humanity of these officers that put their life on the line daily.

Our own Paul Schmidt has participated every year with the Fairview Police and received a lot of joy from squiring around young kids and seeing their joy at getting a much needed blessing.

Thanks Paul for all that you do!paulschmidt

Holiday Season

Undoubtedly December brings the happiest of days, especially if you are a child or Christian. Gifts, parties, Christmas lights and tree all rolled into a month long celebration of food and family.

The problem with being an agency personnel or Chaplain is that the bad stuff keeps happening everyday dampening our enthusiasm and joy for the season. People still get in traffic accidents, house fires still burn brightly and loved one’s unfortunately die.

These truths have come home to our family at PSC as Chaplain Joel Peterson recently lost his Father-in-Law and Chaplain Chuck Bowman his daughter Leana. None of us will live forever but death calls us home in this time of celebration, it just seems to hit home harder.

We grieve for our Chaplain’s loss but know someday they will be re-united in Heaven with our savior. God gives us enough grace to sustain thru this pain and we pray that you and yours will be safe and sound thru-out the holiday season.

God bless you and hold you close as we celebrate the birth of our Lord; Jesus Christ.

Myrtle Beach Roadtrip

MB7I just MB1traveled back to see family in beautiful Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Stopped by the airport Fire and Air Rescue department and got the first class treatment from my nephew; Ethan Echternach and the crew there. Unbelievable equipment and trucks including the Snozzler pictured, that can pierce the airplane skin and shoot in foam and fire suppressant. These fire trucks are not your everyday vehicles, loaded with video screens and warning lights and sounds. The folks in South Carolina are well protected!


PSC Executive Chaplain Honored by 911 Dispatch Organization for Oregon

The state 911 Dispatcher’s Organization and the Emergency Dispatch Center Organization (APCO-NENA) get together annually for a training conference.  They also hand out a select few awards.

Steve Brodehl was selected to receive the State of Oregon’s “Partnership Award” last night.  This award is given to the person believed to have employed the greatest level of support and partnership to/with the 911 dispatchers across the State over the past yearWCCCA Brodehl Award

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