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In 1981, the chaplaincy program was started with Beaverton Police Department. Three years later, the Washington County Law Enforcement Council approved expansion in to the county, including all 11 agencies. On May 10, 1984. Officer Alive! Inc. Was incorporated with the State of Oregon. Clackamas County was added to our base of ministry in 1988, in 2001 Officer Alive became Metro Police Chaplaincy. The name of the organization was changed to Public Safety Chaplaincy in late 2006 to better represent the growth of the chaplaincy outside of the Portland/Metro area and into other areas of public safety including Fire, Dispatch and Emergency Medical Services. Today we are Public Safety Chaplaincy, Inc. and we serve more than 20 agencies in northwest Oregon.


Public Safety Chaplaincy is a 501c3 IRS approved organization that is dependent upon contributions of concerned groups, businesses, churches and individuals. Payroll deductions are often a way in which support is given and some organizations even provide a matching gift when contributions are made to Public Safety Chaplaincy. Donations through credit unions and the United Way are also received at PSC. We also fulfill Professional Service Contracts through some of the other departments we serve. Occasionally, we receive a foundation grant.


Public Safety Chaplaincy chaplains respond to wide variety of opportunities. They respond to community crises such as fatal accidents, suicides, homicides, SIDS deaths, search and rescue as well as hostage situations. Following such traumatic incidents, PSC chaplains conduct stress debriefings or defusing for all emergency responders, dispatchers, and commanders etc. who may have been involved. Free counseling is offered to public safety personnel both sworn and non-sworn and their families. This may include pre-marital, career-related, retirement and other topics as need may arise. PSC chaplains also perform weddings, funerals, baptisms as requested and make hospital and home visits as needed. From time to time they are involved in various training and teaching opportunities for officer, spouses, or new recruits in their departments as well as the police and fire academies and at times with the FBI. Ride alongs are an important opportunity for PSC chaplains to develop rapport and be available for informal counseling and support. PSC chaplains are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and respond on a no-decline basis.


Public Safety Chaplaincy is structured with a Board or Directors, an Executive Director and an Administrative Assistant. The Board of Directors is comprised of Godly business leaders, first responders, clergy and lay Christian leaders who oversee the ministry and give guidance, direction, prayer support, finances and their own time to insure continual relevance to the challenges and needs of the communities in which we serve.

Public Safety Chaplaincy

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  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Relationships
  • Christ-centeredness
  • Passion


Presence, Love and Trust: PSC seeks to earn the opportunity to be heard by being available and know through trusting relationships with those we serve, never proselytizing but providing answers to the hard questions about life and showing unconditional Love through the Holy Spirit.

Questions and Answers: PSC is constantly learning, changing and challenging itself to always be prepared to answer the questions, needs and crisis that will come to carry out our mission and vision.

Transformation: PSC wants to transform the individual through reconcilliation to God through Jesus Christ and the renewing of the mind through the Holy Spirit.

Replication and Raising: PSC is training the next generation of Chaplaincy to reach others or the younger generation of public safety personnel.

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